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ROCKWOOL fire resistance

ROCKWOOL volcanic rock insulation is non-flammable and therefore cannot be used as fuel in case of fire. ROCKWOOL volcanic rock insulation can protect your life and property. It is an insulator that does not produce harmful toxic fumes. can help protect building structures and help to slow down the spread of flames To increase the amount of time it takes for residents to escape from the building, insulate the building's exterior glazing system with ROCKWOOL insulation. In addition to helping prevent fire spread from floor to floor It can also help prevent smoke from occurring.

Rocksafe Plus was products developed to be used as a device for fire protection in the installation of outdoor glass walls. An important aspect of its use is sealing the openings. In non-visible areas, such as the gap between the glass wall and the floor, this is where flame spread can be prevented. and can maintain different rooms on each floor In the event of a building fire


Rockwool insulation
the best material to safety
life from fire spread

Roof Insulation

FlatRoof (HardRock 30)

Light type flat roof insulation system Has the ability to help reduce costs effectively and has a thermal conductivity Sound and fire protection that meets basic requirements Insulators for this light flat roof It consists of insulating sheet for roofing series RoofRock 30 with a compressive strength of 30 kPa (3 tons per square meter) to be used as the base of this roofing system. Equipped with HardRock 60 insulators with superior mechanical strength. stacked on top to improve overall system performance As a result, this lightweight flat roof insulation has been standardized by fire protection equipment testing. and Fire Suppression Insurance Group in the United States (FM Gloval-Factory Mutual).


FlatRoof Plus (HardRock 60)

The ROCKWOOL FlatRoof Plus roofing system offers mechanical strength suitable for more challenging roof applications. It consists of two HardRock 60 roofing insulators and, due to its compressive strength of 60 kPa (6 tons per square meter), can support the foot weight during roof repairs. good and with innovation The combination of ROCKWOOL technology has resulted in the HardRock 60 roofing insulation sheet offering mechanical strength, light weight and fire protection properties. When tested to EN 1606 (European Compression Strength Test Standard for Insulators), Plus flat roof insulation can withstand loads of up to 3 kPa (300 kg). per square meter)

FlatRoof Pro (HardRock 80)

The flat roof insulating system (FlatRoof Pro) offers outstanding performance and is different from similar roofing systems. It is a well tested roofing system. and from the excellent usage history in the Asia region can therefore prove that The flat roof system (FlatRoof Pro) provides excellent noise protection. Due to the properties of the insulating board with high density and does not absorb water When tested in accordance with European standard EN 1606 (Insulating Compression Strength Test), the FlatRoof Pro can withstand loads of up to 4 kPa ( 400 kg per square meter)

Roof insulation can protect your building from hot weather. As a result, you use less air conditioning and help reduce your monthly electricity bill. In addition, ROCKWOOL insulation has fire protection properties. Excellent noise absorption ability Increase safety and improve quality of life


ROCKWOOL Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro (Rockwool Sound In)

ROCKWOOL Safe 'n' Silent Pro is suitable for use in lightweight wall systems in hospitals, cinemas, schools, office buildings, residential accommodations, and industrial facilities. It can be used with steel framework for easier installation and long-lasting shape retention, preventing it from sagging or slumping down within wall cavities.

Special Features

  • Non-combustible, durable, and resilient throughout the lifespan of the building

  • Non-absorbent and moisture-resistant

  • Not prone to easy ignition or damage by fire

  • Easy and swift installation

  • Capable of absorbing and reducing reflected sound and decreasing risk factors associated with noise pollution

  • Reduces energy consumption required for maintaining internal building temperatures

  • In case of fire, it possesses properties that prevent fire spread or flame propagation.


ROCKWOOL Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro is nature-based insulation made of volcanic stone, a safe and sustainable material that continues to perform and lasts throughout the lifetime of the building. It is designed and manufactured to achieve excellent acoustic insulation performance in all types of drywall partition configurations. ROCKWOOL Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro is recommended to be used for drywall partition applications in hospitals, cinemas, schools, offices, residential and industrial buildings. It may be used for metal stud partitions for easy installation, keeps its shape over time without sagging or slumping in the wall cavity.


For noise reduction

For roof and wall heat reduction



Unique Features & Benefits

ROCKWOOL Safe 'n' Silent solution is made up of galvanized steel stud frames lined with gypsum, cement or calcium silicate boards on each sides of the frames and the Safe 'n' Silent Pro acoustic insulation inside the cavity of the wall system; giving an excellent overall noise absorption performance. Safe 'n' Silent Pro is a nature-based insulation made of volcanic stone, a safe and sustainable material that continues to perform and lasts throughout the lifetime of the building. It is a product that harnesses the power from the earth's volcano to spin wool out of stone into superior quality stone wool with a unique range of benefits.

Fire Protection

Few insulation can take the heat like we do - with the ability to withstand temperatures of over 1000°C without melting according to DIN 4102-17 and ASTM E794. Safe 'n' Silent Pro is non-combustible and achieves the highest European fire classification, A 1, according to EN13501-1.


This means that it can effectively impede the spread of fire and provides the critical extra minutes for occupants to escape from a room or building. With its fire retardant properties, Safe 'n' Silent Pro also does not contribute to fire load within the building and complies with UL723 to achieve Flame Spread Index of 0 and Smoke Development Index 0.

Fast & Easy Installation

Safe 'n' Silent Pro is fast and easy to install, helping to reduce the time taken and labour needed for installation work, hence increasing overall speed of construction. Working with Safe 'n' Silent Pro is easy and can be done in 3 simple steps: Insert, compress, release.

Our company imports refractory products.

Imports and has practiced in the industry of refractory materials, heat insulators, cold insulators and works related to metal melting for more than 16 years. We also sell thermal insulation and sound insulation products. For use in factories, buildings, and Households with express delivery throughout Thailand for many items. Rockwool is the product for protect fire damage and can reduce any noise to lower than usaul.

We deliver nationwide along with insulation analysis and installation services

RockWool insulation is popular and trusted by industrial factories and even houses or buildings that operate various businesses. very well We are ready to distribute products to customers. In districts in nearby areas such as Ayutthaya, Saraburi, Korat, Lop Buri, Ang Thong, Sing Buri, Phetchabun, we focus on service. Let us help you go out to see the work place for installation immediately or if the area is upcountry, we can also provide services for you. The speed of the service depends on the distance and the required amount of goods. And we are ready for products all over the country.

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