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Centrotec Industrial (Centrotec Co.,Ltd.)

Service & Supply to High Temp. Production Process

  • Robot jacket (Robot Cover), industrial machinery cover (Robot protection cover)

  • Install Insulation Jacket, removable heat/cold insulation

  • Fiberglass insulation for heat and sound absorption

  • Ceramic Foam Filter, Fiberglass Filter Cloth

  • Ceramic Fiber Paper/ Board/ Blanket

  • nylon filter bag Sewing according to customer's design

  • Maintenance/maintenance of industrial machinery

  • Insulation and cold insulation services to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

  • Insulation installation service for all types of industrial machinery and insulation installation on buildings and residences.

Centrotec imported Ceramic Fiber Blanket and high quality refractory material. Both for industrial applications and for many household applications.


Robot Jacket (Robot Cover) meticulously designed and tailored with high quality imported materials. That will help preserve and protect the Robot from dust, including various vapors.

Machine cover Designed according to the actual size of each machine It is meticulously sewn with high quality flame retardant canvas, dustproof and resistant to weak acids and bases. thus helping to maintain the machine



High-quality removable thermal insulation solutions. Explore more inside.


For Molten aluminum, iron, stainless steel and copper. For 650 - 1,700°C applications.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket centrotec.jpg

Comes in block, paper, board, rope, blanket and special shapes. Ideal for 1,260-1,430 Celsius uses.

Centrotec Fire resisting cloth (1).jfif

Customizable to your exact needs. Centrotec provides fire blankets for high temperature and safety uses.


For industrial filtration and expansion needs, tailored to your exact width and length for any specific areas.


Custom-made robot jacket to protect your robot from heat, vapour and dust. Suitable for all models.


What is Heat insulation?

nsulation is a material used to reduce heat loss inside your home. It helps maintain coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter, while also saving energy by minimizing heat transfer and allowing you to efficiently control the indoor climate.

Benefits of using insulation:

  • Energy Savings in Heat Dissipation: Insulation helps reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your home during colder seasons, leading to lower energy consumption.

  • Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer: During hot weather, insulation helps maintain a cooler indoor environment by blocking the transfer of heat from outside.

  • Preserving Warmth in Winter: In colder months, insulation retains heat within your home, ensuring a more comfortable living space.

  • Minimizing Heat Loss: Insulation prevents heat from escaping through walls, ceilings, and floors.

  • Reducing Air Conditioning and Heating Costs: By effectively regulating indoor temperatures, insulation contributes to lower energy bills. all-in-one insulation service


Tel: +66 36 222 822 , +66 81 899 1799

Fax: +66 36 221 181

Welcome to Our
Insulation Work Service

Insulating heat shields provided by the team. We are a company and service provider specializing in full-scale installation of heat insulation. This includes installing insulation on machinery, engines, hot pipes, and cooling pipes, as well as precision work for installations on robots and sewing work for large-scale machinery covers. With extensive experience in this field,


We guarantee that installing insulation on your machinery will continuously yield positive results. It helps prolong the lifespan and prevents dust and particles from obstructing the machinery, thus maintaining optimal performance. Additionally, it reduces the expenses associated with repairing damaged machinery. Let us be part of enhancing your efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of your equipment.


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