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Robot Jacket (Robot Cover)

Our robot jacket (robot cover) is designed to protect your robot from excessive heat, vapour and dust. (Robot protection cover)


Fit For All

Centrotec robot jacket (robot cover) is light weighted and custom-made to your exact models so compatibility is not an issue. We fit all well-known brands such as ABB, Omron, Kuka, Kawasaki, Yaskawa and many more.

Airbag (a safety device fitted)

Airbag canvas is a canvas used to produce airbags in cars (Ai-Bag has tough properties durable and lightweight When this type of fabric is coated-baked with PU rubber, a new type of waterproof canvas is obtained. Which is 3 times lighter than Kunilon canvas and has a long service life of 4-5 years, suitable for Work that needs to reduce the weight of the canvas


Kunilon canvas

Kunilon canvas It is a canvas reinforced with polyester fibers. and coated with PVC Excellent resistance to weather and environment Durability, service life of 5-7 years. Fabric. It has a gloss finish which is 100% waterproof, meaning it can prevent moisture from outside if to be installed on your machine will extend the service life effectively

The working of a robot that is equipped with insulation protective gear.

Installing a robot cover made of Airbag fabric on Kuka robots such as the KR6 or KR 12


Significant benefits:

  1. Dust Accumulation Prevention: Using a robot cover helps reduce the accumulation of dust that may build up on the robot and nearby machinery in environments such as factories. This can help mitigate the risk of machinery malfunction or damage due to dust buildup.

  2. Collision Protection: Flexible and durable materials like Nylon or Airbag fabric can effectively serve as a protective barrier in cases where the robot collides with objects or individuals in the workspace. This can potentially reduce the risk of severe impacts during collisions.

  3. Chemical Protection: In some scenarios, robots may operate in environments with hazardous chemicals, such as chemical plants. Employing a robot cover can help minimize the risk of the robot coming into contact with harmful substances.


Significant benefits:

Kuka robots are renowned for their quality and widely recognized in the robotics industry. Various models of Kuka robots possess flexibility and high-performance capabilities, making them suitable for operations in constrained spaces and demanding environments. With efficient control systems, Kuka robots can operate with precision and safety across industrial settings, including manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, and even in applications requiring precision tasks such as assembly or electronics manufacturing. Therefore, integrating Kuka robots with Nylon fabric or Airbag fabric covers enhances their efficiency and safety, particularly in environments where reliability and safety are paramount.

Robot Model & Brand

Product Details

Fully customizable and removable Robot Jacket (Robot Cover) for any machine. See our made-to-measure Robot Jacket (Robot Cover) in action in the VDO below filmed at NHK Spring, a leading auto spring manufacturer in Thailand. The robot displayed is a Yaskawa: Model MPX 2600 for paint related tasks. Have a machine that needs better protection? Contact us today for a complimentary site inspection at your factory. 

Case Study

Centrotec is pleased to provide customized Robot Jacket (Robot Cover) with acid and base resistance for Honeywell Co., Ltd., requested specifically for robot that works with acidic materials, Centrotec selected acid and base resisting fabric to protect the robot, extending the life of its mainboard and electronic parts. By having our Robot Jacket (Robot Cover), clients can effectively protect your robot from dusts caused by metal wielding, fire sparks and more.  

Centrotec is commissioned by Caterpillar (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to design a customized Robot Jacket (Robot Cover) for their Lorch welding robot manufactured in Germany. Centrotec selected heat resistance fabric which could protect the robot from fire, heat and dust that could occur during use. This can damage robot's mainboard and electronic parts which will increase the cost of maintenance. 

By having our Robot Jacket (Robot Cover), Carterpillar (Thailand) Co., Ltd. saves significant maintenance fee and extends the life of their robot. 

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