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Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine Insulation

Removable Steam & Turbine insulation

Removable steam / turbine insulation, steam / turbine jacket insulation Centrotec is a direct importer of thermal insulation products. This makes it possible to produce turbine insulation covers or Insulation Pillow insulation parts at an affordable price and with high quality.

Turbine is an essential part of the power generation process. and is the point with the highest temperature It is also the point where the heat and energy is lost the most.Therefore, when the heat insulator comes as a helper therefore benefiting both in terms of energy saving power generation efficiency and safety of workers


The company provides contractors to insulate power plants, cladding turbines for power plants in Samut Prakan Province, Samut Sakhon, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Saraburi, Chonburi, as well as power plants in various sectors across the country.

Characteristics of the Insulation Jacket used for insulating turbines of power plants

  • The innermost layer, or the layer that is directly exposed to heat, uses a Silica Cloth (Max Working Temp 1000 C).

  • Middle layer or layer that must be insulated will use fiberglass insulation Ceramic fiber or Ceramic Fiber Blanket (Max Working Temp 1,260 C) at thickness from 1-2 inches.

  • The outermost layer is the visible layer because it is the outermost layer. It can be used as Silica Cloth Silica Cloth or Silicone Coated Fiberglass Cloth (Max Working Temp 550 C) according to the customer's choice.



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