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Ceramic Fibers
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Ceramic Fiber Blanket centrotec.jpg

Ceramic fiber blanket with high strength, needled insulating blanket that is made from high quality ceramic fiber bulk. The combination of long spun fibers and needing operation produce touch, resilient and strong blankets which resist tearing both before and after heating. Ideal for 1,260-1,430 °C uses.

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Ceramic Fiber Paper

Blending ceramic fiber bulk, binders and additives. The specialized paper-making process is used to form uniform and flexible paper. For applications between 1,260-1,430 °C.

Ceramic Fiber Board

Our ceramic fiber board is manufactured in a wet forming process using quality fiber bulk and binders. Designed for insulation applications experiencing vibration, mechanical stress and erosive forces. Ideal for 1,260-1,430 °C uses.

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Ceramic Fiber Block

Our ceramic fiber block is made from compressed ceramic fiber blanket, specially designed to meet the thermal insulation requirements of industrial furnaces in some special thermal conditions from 1,260-1,430 °C.

Ceramic Fiber Block by Centrotec.jpg

What is Ceramic Fiber ?

"Ceramic Fiber" is not glass fiber but is a synthetic material used in installation and in several industries. Ceramic fiber is manufactured from ceramic materials and shares some similarities with glass fiber in certain aspects, such as high-temperature resistance and thermal insulation properties. However, it has a different structure and configuration.

The characteristics of ceramic fiber make it suitable for use in applications requiring high-temperature resistance. It is often used in industrial settings for heat insulation purposes, such as in furnaces, ovens, and other heat-related applications. It is also used in creating thermal insulation for various applications.

Therefore, ceramic fiber differs from glass fiber in terms of material and properties. While both exhibit heat resistance, their primary materials and structures are distinct. Hence, the choice between ceramic fiber and glass fiber should be based on the specific requirements of each application.

Product Details


NEW PRODUCT:  Fiber Adhesive


Fiber Adhesive or ceramic fiber adhesive Can be used without mixing with water. The adhesive texture is liquid and can withstand high temperatures well. Continuous use temperature from 1,260 C -1,400 C. The ceramic fiber adhesive will dry quickly and begin to stick at 300 C or more, helping to prevent corrosion and improve adhesion at high temperatures.

1. Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Insulation /ceramic fiber Or may be called heat-resistant glass fiber. Maximum operating temperature 1,260°C and 1,430°C

Dimensions of Ceramic Fiber Blanket (thickness x width x length)

       -  12.5x610x14,400 mm.

       -  25x610x7,200 mm. 

       -  50x610x3,600 mm.

The use of Ceramic Fiber Blanket insulation /ceramic fiber or may be called Heat resistant fiberglass, heat resistant fiberglass used for the following applications:

- Used as insulation for work that needs to prevent heat leakage. and is an insulator to prevent danger from heat radiating such as ovens, ovens, pizza ovens, confectionery ovens, charcoal ovens, etc.

- Used as insulation for covering the tank to maintain the temperature inside the tank.

- Used as a heat protection layer in various types of industrial heating furnaces

- Suitable for use like a gasket (Gasket), seal and cover (Wrap) at various points such as the edge of the door, the lid of the stove.

- It is a canvas used. convenient to install and use

- Used for lining the oven walls to maintain the temperature inside the oven.

- Low thermal conductivity, light weight

- Flexible, resistant to tensile has a shrinkage rate Good resistance to temperature changes

2. Ceramic Fiber Board (glass fiber insulation, ceramic fiber sheet type)

Insulation Ceramic Fiber Disc Type Ceramic fiber type It looks like a solid sheet. It has a higher density than the sheet type, the highest operating temperature of 1,260 °C and 1,430 °C, the ceramic fiber sheet. Resistant to strong winds, ceramic fiber shards are not generated during use. Suitable for making a back up lining of various types of furnaces such as electric furnaces, combustion furnaces, machine rooms. industrial furnaces, etc.


Size of Ceramic Fiber Board (thickness x width x length)

- 900 x 600 x 25 mm

- 900 x 600 x 50 mm

3. Ceramic Fiber Paper

It looks like a sheet but is thinner than Ceramic Fiber Blanket. Supports use at temperatures from 1260 to 1,430 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for use as a sintering mat, sealing gaps, as a flange gasket. Made into packaging that is resistant to high temperatures, used as a back up lining of various metal furnaces. oven or kiln Following other heat insulating products, etc., because Ceramic Fiber Paper is thin, foldable, easy to install, resistant to corrosion from high-temperature firing. has a low heat conduction rate

Dimensions of Ceramic Fiber Paper (Thickness x Width x Length)

-1 x 610 x 60,000 mm (หนา 1 mm)

-2 x 610 x 30,000 mm (หนา 2 mm)

-3 x 610 x 20,000 mm (หนา 3 mm)

-5 x 610 x 12,000 mm (หนา 5 mm)

-6 x 610 x 10,000 mm (หนา 6 mm)

4. Ceramic Fiber Tape or heat resistant glass fiber Ceramic Fiber Tape

ceramic fiber insulation tape ceramic fiber type It is woven from ceramic fiber with a thickness of 2-3 mm., width 1 m., length 20-30 mm., suitable for use as heat resistant gasket Used for flange gasket work. Used to wrap steam pipes or hot air pipes, can be used with medium to high heat (1,000 degrees Celsius).

Size of Ceramic Fiber Tape (thick x width x length)

- 3 x 50 x 30,000 mm (หนา 3 mm)

- 3 x 75 x 30,000 mm (หนา 3 mm)

- There is a type of wire reinforced inside stainless steel SUS-304 and

- can withstand temperatures up to 1000 Celcius

- has a density of 500 kg/m3

- low thermal conductivity

- Good resistance to sudden temperature changes

- High insulating properties

- high tensile strength fiber and low shrinkage rate High flexibility, light weight

5. Ceramic Fiber Rope or fireproof rope

Heat resistant ropes, heat resistant rope gaskets, heat resistant rope gaskets, heat resistant braided rope gaskets, with 2 types: square braided and round braided, able to withstand heat up to 1,260 C, with SUS304 stainless steel wire reinforced inside, making it suitable for high temperature applications. Suitable for sealing oven doors, furnaces, heat resistant gaskets. heat resistant gasket exhaust pipe insulation car exhaust pipe insulation motorcycle exhaust pipe insulation Ship exhaust pipe insulation Machine exhaust pipe insulation steam pipe insulation Or close the heat leaking from the stove or other heat work.

6. Ceramic Fiber Cloth or ceramic fiber fireproof cloth

Suitable for use as a fire retardant fabric. fire retardant fabric heat resistant gasket Can be used as a fire curtain and other applications, can be used with medium to high heat (1260 degrees Celsius) using advanced production technology to obtain long fibers and insulation. very well

Size of Ceramic fiber Cloth (Thickness x Width x length)

  • 2 x 1,000 x 30,000 mm (หนา 2 mm)

  • 3 x 1,000 x 20,000 mm (หนา 3 mm)

Details of Ceramic fiber cloth fireproof cloth

1.Ceramic fiber Cloth gasket, good heat resistance.

2. Can be made into fireproof fabric Can withstand a temperature of 1,000 C.

3. fireproof fabric Reinforced SUS304 stainless steel inner wire to increase fire resistance and tensile strength (Tensile Strength) at high temperatures.

4. Ceramic fiber fireproof fabric can withstand temperatures of 1,260 C.

5.Has a density of 500 kg/m3

6. Low thermal conductivity

7. Good resistance to sudden temperature changes

8. Has a high heat insulator has a low thermal conductivity

9. high tensile strength fiber and low shrinkage rate high flexibility

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