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Microfiber Insulation
(Popular in Thailand 2022)


Microfiber Insulation

Advantage of Microfiber ‘s Products

Thermal Performance

Glass wool has 10% better thermal performance at half the weight of rock wool, making it the most cost-effective solution for thermal performance


Acoustic Performance

Glass wool can achieve the same dB reduction with less than half the mass of stone wool, Glass wool is a much more effective solution


Non - Combustible

Glass Wool are made of non - combustible materials, allowing it to be used as firestop compartments


Water Repellent

Coated with water repellent mix on the surface, allowing the material to withstand leaks to a certain degree


Structural Support

Other than its thermal and acoustic properties, a high-density Glass wool board could also be used to provide additional structural integrity to the area



MicroRoof is an insulating and sound-absorbing roof for both roll and sheet forming applications. The insulating sheet is filled with a special substance, Non-Water Absorption, which makes it not soaked in water and therefore does not absorb water. Prevent moisture from entering the insulating material. MicroRoof is manufactured using high quality cover material with factory machinery. Makes the surface cover not easy to slip. Good tensile strength not easy to tear and has non-flammable properties Can be installed under metal sheet roof, tile roof, concrete roof. of the residence Office buildings, factories and warehouses


MicroTone Model Noizestop is a model that has both wall insulation and sound insulation (Sound Insulation). It is an acoustic sheet to protect the sound from a sheet covered with high-quality materials that prevent moisture and dispersion from the factory. The insulator has small air cavities. A large amount of sound insulating and reducing the reflection of the incident sound well.


Suitable for use with all types of wall systems that require increased wall performance, heat insulation and sound absorption. MicroTone Noizestop can be installed with all types of walls such as lightweight wall systems, clay brick walls, lightweight brick walls. Wooden walls and other wall systems Suitable for needing privacy such as bedrooms, office rooms, meeting rooms, music rooms. home theater room Recording rooms and other rooms where sound control is required


MicroHi-Temp is an insulating and sound-absorbing solution that is processed in an environmentally friendly way. Suitable for applications requiring high temperature resistance of 350 C. C. Produced in both roll and sheet form. Cover the surface with high quality masking material from the factory. durable insulating material not easy to fall off long service life Tested for its ability to withstand high temperatures


MicroCover is a fiberglass insulator pipe cover manufactured by a rigid extrusion process. high temperature resistant Standard length 1 meter, diameter ½ -20 inch. Available in uncovered and factory aluminum foil finishes. to prevent moisture As well as providing heat and cooling insulation, the MicroCover is an effective insulator to prevent heat/cold loss and to regulate the temperature of various piping systems. both outside and inside the office building, factories, hotels and hospitals, etc., can be used to cover cold and hot water pipes. From temperature -18 C to 450 C

Centrotec, importer and installation service for insulation

MicroFiber insulation is an insulation manufactured in Thailand. Has quality compared to RockWool and is a younger generation that is equally experienced and is cheaper because it is made in Thailand It has the ability to absorb sound, is not flame retardant, and is easy to install. It is commonly used in buildings and houses that operate various businesses. very well We are ready to distribute products to customers. In districts in nearby areas such as Ayutthaya, Saraburi, Korat, Lop Buri, Ang Thong, Sing Buri, Phetchabun, we focus on service. Let us help you go out to see the work place for installation immediately or if the area is upcountry, we can also provide services for you. The speed of the service depends on the distance and the required amount of goods. And we are ready for products all over the country.

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