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We are suppling various types of FILTEC ceramic foam filters for any industrial uses. 

- FILTEC CF200 Aluminum Filter

- FILTEC CF400 SiC Filter

- FILTEC CF600 Zirconia Filter

- FILTEC EC 85 Ceramic Cores

We provide high-quality ceramic fiber blanket that is made specifically for Boat exhaust cover

Boat Cleaning

Turbine is an essential part of the power generation process. and is the point with the highest temperature It is also the point where the heat and energy is lost the most.Therefore, when the heat insulator comes as a helper therefore benefiting both in terms of energy saving power generation efficiency and safety of workers


Cold is a significant issue in temperature control in various situations. Choosing the right cold insulation is particularly important in construction and industrial settings. Brands like ArmaFlex, AEROFLEX, and Maxflex are popular choices for cold insulation

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