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Ceramic Foam Filter 
(High Quality)



CF200 Ceramic Foam Filter is High alumina-based product. It’s widely used for molten aluminum and it’s alloy ‘s filtration. It’s supplied with soft/hard gasket to prevent metal bypass. It’s available in dimension 20-600 mm with Max Working Temperature 1,260 °C


FILTEC CF400 Ceramic Foam Filter is a silicon carbide-based product, it is made by unique technology at FILTECO’s iso-9001 certified plant. 

FILTEC CF-400 are widely used for liquid iron and it’s alloy filtration in ferrous casting. And, it used in carbon steel, and copper filtration with Max Working Temperature 1,500 C


FILTEC CF600 Ceramic Foam Filter is a Ca -stabilized zirconia product, it is made by imported raw materials and unique technology. 

FILTEC CF600 Ceramic Foam Filters are widely used for molten steel and its alloy’s filtration in steel foundries, they are also applied as fuel distributor in burner assembly and absorbing media in high-temperature waste-gas decontamination engineering. Max Working Temperature 1,700 °C.



FILTEC EC85 ceramic cores are characterized by high strength and refractoriness and superior thermal stability, that enable EC85 ceramic cores can bear attack from
wax injection and big thermal shock. They are machined to accurate dimension during production, this combination of physical properties and dimensional precision make them first choice for all investment castings.

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