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Rockwool Safe n Silence Pro

"Rockwool Sound Insulation: Sound Reduction and Quietness in the Environment"


Why use Rockwool?

Rockwool is an insulating material made from natural mineral fibers and has various applications. It possesses important properties for reducing both sound and heat in different environments. One significant advantage is that rockwool has an extremely high melting point compared to common metals. Additionally, it is a natural material produced using modern, safe manufacturing processes that do not pose a risk of causing lung cancer.

Properties of Rockwool

Rockwool is produced from a combination of soft rock and other minerals through a smelting process to create mineral fibers with a structured and ordered fiber arrangement.

Variety of Rockwool: Rockwool comes in various types and configurations designed to suit different applications.


Rockwool Sound Insulation

This material is designed to reduce noise pollution and sound reflection within buildings. It is suitable for use in places such as recording studios, theaters, sound rooms, entertainment spaces, and more.

Rockwool Safe n Silent Pro380

Rockwool Safe n Silent Pro 380 is a type of insulation product manufactured by Rockwool, a leading provider of stone wool insulation solutions. This product is designed to provide both acoustic and fire protection properties, making it suitable for various applications in construction where sound insulation and fire resistance are required

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