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Ceramic Fiber ISOWOOL (From Japan Isolite Insulating Products Co., Ltd.)


ISOWOOL is a trade name for a high-temperature ceramic fiber material that is used in various industries and applications. It is primarily composed of ceramic fibers, specifically alumina oxide (Al2O3) and silica dioxide (SiO2), which are produced through a process of melting using electricity called the Air Blown Process.

ISOWOOL exhibits desirable properties compared to other high-temperature materials. It is commonly used in applications that require heat resistance, such as insulation in furnaces or thermal protection in piping systems. It can withstand temperatures ranging from 1000°C to 1700°C.

Furthermore, one of the exceptional features of ISOWOOL is that it does not contain organic binders in its manufacturing process. This characteristic ensures that the material remains intact and undamaged at high temperatures. Thus, ISOWOOL is known for its efficiency and durability when operating under high-temperature conditions for extended periods of time.


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