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Cladding heat insulation for hot air ducts

Cladding heat insulation work

When we have to consider the factor of reducing energy costs then Increased numbers for energy costs. not very good because it may be from many factors But when considering the heating and cooling energy We can easily think about the process of using energy.

which maintains the energy to remain Not to lose from the transmission to the outside. It's a method that can actually be used. When considering the refrigerator that we use at home Have to question why we don't always open the refrigerator or even the oven that uses heat. Why don't we turn on the stove while the stove is running because we want to maintain a stable level of heat or cold.

Therefore, installing insulation to prevent heat leakage or prevent cold leakage It is a very good choice for maintaining temperature and significantly reducing energy costs. Because less work on the machine means we save more energy.

Heat Insulating and cold insulation is beneficial in terms of energy and prolongs the service life of your equipment. The insulation acts to prevent weather, the environment and sunlight. that will slowly wear down your machine Until losing work quickly Installing insulation will help protect these things in the long run. You will definitely be able to reduce costs more than you invested in thermal insulation.

Centrotec provides insulation and cooling installation services. We are happy to serve you. Contact us so we can see your job site. We design and tailor to fit the shape of your machine perfectly.

Examples of work sites that the Centrotec team has served for customers in the past.

Cladding heat insulation for hot air ducts

🔆 Job Site: Factory in Rojana Industrial Estate Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, Tuesday, February 7, 2023


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