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Installation of Insulation: Keeping Cool Even on Sunny Days

Insulation is one of the essential elements that can reduce the temperature in homes, buildings, or factories. This is particularly important in Thailand, where it is a hot country with high temperatures almost year-round. Even with occasional rain, the heat in Thailand does not seem to diminish. Today, we will guide you through the process of installing insulation and help you understand more about this material, its benefits, and how it stands out.

Steps to Install Insulation: Easily Reduce Heat in Homes, Buildings, and Factories

           Insulation is a material that prevents heat from transferring to other parts of a home, building, or workplace. It is usually lightweight and contains numerous small air pockets that effectively trap and block heat. This results in a cooler temperature inside homes, buildings, and factories. There are various types of insulation available to suit different needs. The installation process includes the following steps:

  1. Lay the Rockwool or Microfiber insulation above the ceiling framework with the foil side facing up.

  2. If the ceiling framework is narrower than the insulation, you can cut the insulation and fit it securely into the wire framework.

  3. Seal the joints on the aluminum foil side and the rubber side with special insulation joint tape.

  4. Inspect to ensure everything is properly installed, and the process is complete.

There are many other methods to install insulation. The method described here is for installing insulation on flat or T-bar ceilings. While it can be done easily, it is best to have it installed by skilled professionals to enhance the efficiency of heat protection from sunlight that penetrates the roof of homes, buildings, and factories.

We also offer insulation installation services to bring coolness and comfort to your workspace and living areas, enhancing your overall well-being. We use high-efficiency Rockwool or Microfiber insulation to effectively block sunlight and heat. Wherever you are in your home or building, you can rest assured. If you are interested, feel free to contact us for our services.





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