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Installation of insulation on site, work in Chiang Mai We service all over Thailand.

B.L. Harbert's International L.L.C

A large construction company from the United States. Trust, choose “Removable Insulation Jacket : Removable insulation. Got” of Centrotech Co., Ltd. from the first step. Moved to the second step

B.L. Harbert's International L.L.C.
A large construction company from the United States.

Thank you B.L. Harbert's International L.L.C a large construction company from the USA. that trust, choose "Removable Insulation Jacket : removable heat insulation" of Centrotech Co., Ltd.

We provide insulation installation by the centrotec team providing insulation installation services throughout Thailand

Centrotech Co., Ltd. has sent a team to install heat insulation for Generator at the construction site of foreign government offices. (The job site is on the Super Highway Chiang Mai Road. Mueang Chiang Mai District)

Installation of insulation Chiang Mai
At the construction site of a foreign government office

Foreign government offices in Chiang Mai
Types of construction sites for foreign government offices

Installation of insulation Chiang Mai Province
Take photos at Wang Wang, Chiang Mai (work site is next to Chiang Mai Super Highway Mueang Chiang Mai District)

Get heat insulation Chiang Mai Province

We provide installation of both hot and cold insulation that can be assembled and removed by a team of skilled technicians by the company. centrotec


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