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KUKA Robotics

KUKA robots are among the brands that produce industrial robots for use in factories and production lines. It was founded in 1898 in Germany. Emphasis is placed on the design and manufacture of flexible robots. And can modify the work according to the needs of customers.

KUKA offers a wide range of industrial robots suitable for use in different production lines, such as painting robots. Robots sort goods in a warehouse. Robots in automobile manufacturing robots in metal welding, etc., with advanced technologies such as motion control systems, image manipulation, and digital processing. To ensure KUKA robots have high accuracy and high performance, KUKA also develops software to control the robot's operation.

KUKA robot upgrades are available in a number of ways. When there is a new technology or software update. can upgrade the original machine By upgrading KUKA robots, you can upgrade your equipment. used in robots such as control modules, driver or electrical equipment These upgrades increase the efficiency and capabilities of KUKA robots so that they can perform better. In addition, by wearing the robot jacket, you can reduce damage during long-term use and save costs. changing new equipment

KUKA Robotics is a manufacturer of industrial robots with deep technical expertise and understanding.

  1. which are featured as follows High efficiency: KUKA robots are fast and highly accurate. It is a machine that can operate 24 hours a day, making it ideal for use in locations that require high-volume production and round-the-clock operation.

  2. Flexibility of use: KUKA robots are capable of adapting and adapting to their tasks. which can be connected to other equipment and machines in the factory flexibly

  3. Automation: KUKA robots are equipped with an automatic control system that ensures uninterrupted operation. Even with changes in work, it can be improved and adjusted quickly.

  4. Quality control system: KUKA Robotics employs high-quality controls in the production of all its robots. To provide customers with the highest quality and effective products.

  5. Consulting: The company has a team of engineers who specialize in the installation and use of KUKA robots, especially for their repair and maintenance.


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