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The robotics brand UR refers to Universal Robots, a manufacturer of industrial robots for use in industrial and production applications. The robots produced by UR are characterized as collaborative robots (cobots), which means that the robots can work safely and friendly alongside humans.

The key features of the UR brand Robotics are:

  1. Flexible design that can be easily modified or have programs added or changed in robots.

  2. High safety due to UR robots having control systems designed to detect and immediately stop working when in contact with humans or other objects.

  3. High efficiency, as UR uses advanced technologies such as sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to help robots work efficiently and accurately.

  4. Easy to use due to UR designing its robots to be user-friendly and having software that is easy to use and friendly to users.

  5. The UR robot's learning system makes programming and using robots easier by allowing users to teach robots by playing or moving them as desired.

  6. Design that emphasizes affordability and value by using materials and equipment that are not very expensive, making it easy for users to access robot technology conveniently and affordably.

  7. The ability to work in a variety of environmental conditions, such as working in a dust-free room or in places where there is a need to prevent the risk of infection.

  8. High work speed and efficiency, as UR robots can work quickly and efficiently, allowing users to increase production and reduce production time.

  9. High durability and stability, as UR robots are designed to withstand various types of work environments and are built to last a long time.

The UR20e is a new robot

model that is a large collaborative robot (cobot) arm with a working radius of 1,750 mm. It weighs only 33.5 kg and can lift up to 20 kg.

Robotics แบรนด์ UR

UR Robotics

It is designed for industrial use and is flexible and easily adaptable to the user's needs, allowing for easy addition or modification of programs on the robot. In addition, the UR20e has modern and precise digital controls, allowing it to work quickly and efficiently.


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