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Rockwool Insulation safety life

Rockwool insulation, which is a modernly manufactured volcanic rock fiber insulation that is safe for the body. Rockwool's mineral wool insulation is considered safe because it does not cause lung cancer

The structure of mineral wool fibers, which typically causes lung cancer, appears sharp and can adhere well to the lung fibers, leading to the formation of respiratory tract cancer.

Mostly, the mineral wool fibers found are naturally white and tend to break into tiny fibers with a diameter smaller than 0.1 microns, posing a danger when inhaled and embedded in the lungs.

Rockwool insulation fibers are manufactured using controlled machinery and fibers that break like glass fibers, measuring 4-5 microns, and are non-hazardous when inhaled, as they can be expelled from the body. imports various fire-resistant materials, and we have gained trust in product quality and service for 17 years since our establishment in 2006.


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