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Insulation installation service We import insulation by

Heat and cold insulation We provide insulation installation services. Ready to see the event page by

Insulation installation service It is an important service for industries that demand safety and excellence in thermal management of their equipment and machinery by is a leading company that provides quality and high efficiency insulation installation services. With more than 17 years of experience and expertise in this field Emphasizes on providing high quality and effective insulation installation services to prevent heat in various equipment such as machinery used in the food and beverage industry. Furniture and textile industry Manufacturing industry and vehicle assembly industry Including industries that produce plastics and rubber.

Installing thermal insulation reduces heat loss in equipment and machinery. Resulting in reducing the cost of paying for electricity and making the machine work at full efficiency. It also reduces device damage from overheating.

The use of insulation in the form of energy saving. and preserving the machine to reduce costs and create long-term profits

Ceramic Fiber

- Ceramic Fiber is an insulating material made from ceramic. which is a small particle material with high heat resistance properties and can prevent heat loss as well This insulating material is lightweight and highly flexible. Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of industries and has high efficiency.

Ceramic Fiber has heat resistance properties up to 1800 degrees Celsius and has high cutting precision. Makes it possible to change the pattern and size as needed. In addition, Ceramic Fiber also has good acid-alkali resistance properties. and corrosion resistant Therefore suitable for use in places with high acidity - alkaline.

There are many uses of ceramic fiber in industry, such as insulating furnaces, ceramic ovens, or laser ovens. Ceramic fiber is used to prevent heat loss in the machine. and to prevent corrosion from chemicals used in production


- Rockwool is an insulating material produced by melting together a Belgian glass and cast factory by heating and extraction. This results in an insulating material that is resistant to moisture and chemicals. flexible and has high fire and heat resistance properties It can be used in a wide range of industries such as insulating machinery and equipment in the steel industry, labor, building materials, etc.

There are many benefits of Rockwool, for example:

  1. Reduces heat and noise: Rockwool can be used to prevent heat and sound loss in a building or factory, e.g. for synthetic wall insulation. Or used to prevent noise in commercial buildings and buildings that require quietness.

  2. Electric shock protection: Rockwool can be used to prevent electric shock in electrical and electronic equipment, such as washing machines or air conditioners.

  3. Reduce energy consumption: Rockwool reduces energy consumption in buildings and factories. by preventing heat loss and reducing the use of air conditioning

  4. Prevent Insects: Rockwool can prevent the entry of insects and wild animals into a building or factory.

  5. Fire and thermal properties: Rockwool is an insulating material with high fire and thermal properties. It can be used to prevent fires and fires in buildings or factories.

  6. Safety for the environment: Rockwool is an environmentally safe insulating material. Contains no toxins or chemicals that are harmful to humans and animals.

  7. Rockwool is a highly resistant insulating material against humidity and chemicals. This is important in applications where there may be high humidity or exposure to environmental chemicals. These resistances make Rockwool suitable for use in factories and locations where high durability is required. Especially in industrial applications that use machinery and chemicals continuously.

Rockwool durability tests have shown that it can withstand wet without sacrificing its integrity. Rockwool is also more chemically resistant than other insulating materials such as insulating paper and rubber sponges, which makes it an ideal choice. Good in industrial applications that require high resistance to chemicals. and humidity from various environments

Insulation for Robot Our service have an install for robot to protective your robot from damage

- Robot Cover Machine insulation is a technology that uses robots to install insulation on various machines by using high-temperature and efficient insulation materials to prevent heat generated from machine work

Using the Robot Cover to insulate machinery saves time and money on insulating installations. There is no need for human access to the machine area to install the insulation. The Robot Cover also prevents human injuries that can be caused by traditional insulation installations.

Robot Cover Technology Machine insulation has gained immense popularity in the industry as it can greatly improve the efficiency and cost savings of installing insulation in machinery and equipment.


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