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Rockwool vs similar insulation

Let's get to know Rockwool insulation a step further for deciding to use Rockwool insulation that is special.

For the insulation tested with ROCKWOOL, we have used modern or current technology to test it.

Insulation made to be tested

  1. Spray Foam insulation

  2. sheet type insulation

  3. Rockwool insulation

  4. Fiber glass insulation

What is the combustibility and smoke emission? This clip has answers.

From the clip, we can see that the combustion All three types of insulation other than rockwool are capable of flammable combustion.

The spray foam burns and produces a clear combustion mist. which of course is polluted than all the insulators we have sampled in our tests, and the fire persistence is greater than any other insulator. Of course not good at all.

Insulation boards are a better option than spray foam. But there is still a flame and Pollution from combustion of insulation

Fiberglass The soot and smoke of the fiberglass is very small compared to the first two examples and the burning speed is very fast and extinguishes before the first two insulators. Shows that it is a better option to use than the insulation next to it.

ROCKWOOL volcanic asbestos insulation and non-flammable It can withstand excellent heat, does not cause pollution and spread fire for sure. We can therefore conclude that ROCKWOOL insulation is special and ideal for protecting the things you love.


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